Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia

With 280,000 residents, Ljubljana (Wikipedia) ranks among the smaller European capitals; nonetheless, it has a wealth of history, tradition, style, arts & culture, and a flair that is both Central European and Mediterranean. Those who know it better would also define it as safe, green, compact, cosy, multilingual, affordable and hospitable destination. 

Although Ljubljana has preserved its small-town friendliness and relaxed atmosphere it provides all the facilities of a modern capital, which was built to the human scale. Its compact layout therefore makes it an ideal walking and cycling city. It furthermore offers a vast choice of pleasant dining, shopping and entertainment options. Most of its accommodation facilities in diverse price ranges are centrally located, just a nice stroll to many points of interest.

Ljubljana’s image features a harmonic blend of Baroque, Art Nouveau and newer styles - most notably the architectural opus of Jože Plečnik, who has left a strong personal mark on his native city between the two world wars. This is complemented by its landmark - the medieval hilltop castle and a river slowly meandering across the Old Town. Leisure and business visitors can easily meet and network in this pedestrian area, which functions as an elegant urban lounge for the locals alike. 
A wide array of events, a lively café society and an active youth scene fuelled by 60,000 university students also contribute to Ljubljana's vibrancy and cultural creativity.  

Ljubljana is positioned in the centre of the country and lies in a natural basin between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea. It therefore represents an ideal departure point to explore many of Slovenia’s nearby attractions within an hour’s drive. The diversity of authentic experiences close to the capital can definitely enhance and bring an added value when planning a visit there. 

Ljubljana is a city whose name means »the Beloved« and is the capital of a country bearing love in its name (sLOVEnia). 

More information: www.visitljubljana.com

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