The Next Generation: Teaching Climate Change and Environmental Justice through Storyline


How can we use the Storyline methodology to meet the needs of the next generation?

Colleagues Asa Gervich and Jan Zuckerman will first give an overview of their local school district’s recently adopted, groundbreaking Climate Change Curriculum Resolution, and their role as educators and activists in supporting its adoption. They will then demonstrate how the Storyline methodology meets the current need for educating climate justice literate students through examples from a Forest Ecology Storyline that address environmental justice through multiple perspectives.

Jan and Asa will explore how incidents in the Storyline can provide microcosm studies of real-world situations, and share strategies for giving students authentic agency in addressing local and global environmental issues through service opportunities and civic participation. Through intentional networking and relationship-building with community allies and resources, students can be empowered to take civic action long after their Storyline has concluded.