Nada Paj

Primary School Šentvid Ljubljana

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Website: Osnovna šola Šentvid Ljubljana


Nada Paj is a psychologist and consultant. For the past 19 years she has been the principal of the Šentvid Primary School. Her interests include various models of implementing and monitoring of the quality in education. She is an external assessor and evaluator, is involved in this field and co-operates with the Slovenian Institute for Quality and Assessment (SIQ) and the School for Principals (ŠR).

For several years she was a mentor to newly-appointed principals and was chair of the commission for professional examinations in education.

The school she is heading has received the title of Eco School, the school with the most contemporary management – Q School, Safe School, Cultural School, and for 10 years the her school has been the holder of a certificate for quality awarded by the SIQ.

She is devoted to implementing new approaches in education, in school work (instruction), and is aware of the importance of appropriate communication between all participants in this process.